Day tours from Fes

A day trip to Volubilis, Moulay Idriss and Meknes


A full day’s excursion into Morocco’s historic and ancient history starts at 8:30am with collection from your Riad or hotel within the central medina of Fes. Our first stop is at the marvellous Roman ruins at Volubilis, the ancient Volubilis of olive presses, mansions, well preserved mosaics, monumental arches and Corinthian columns where you’ll have a true grasp of Roman iconography and the medieval Berber city that followed. Here also contains the mosaic of the Labours of Hercules, the Baths of Gallienus and also the Forum with their fractional mosaics; the House of Orpheus and its Dolphin mosaic and Orpheus Myth; the Cortege of Venus several of whose mosaics.
You can also witness the medallions of Graeco-Roman deity, Diana and also the Abduction of Hylas; the complex Palace with its bathtub house and pooled courtyards; the House of the Wild Beast, the House of the Seasons, the House of Nymphs, the House of Flavius Germanus and the Knight’s House with the incomplete mosaic of Dionysus.
Leaving Volubilis behind you’ll then drive through the dark, outlaying ridges of the Zerhoun Hills to the city of Moulay Idriss, the holiest Islamic city within the kingdom of Morocco, to which thousands of Moroccans in their devotion, return each August to pray at the spot of the descendant of the Prophet Mahomet. Inside at the elongated square you may notice on top of the green-tiled pyramids of the Zaouia with its 2 cone-shaped quarters on either facet and stroll amidst the labyrinth of alleyways, before heading for the Imperial town restored by Moulay Ismail.
On, now, to the Imperial town of Meknes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Here you may visit the foremost stunning Bab Mansour. Afterwards you’ll visit El Heri es-Souani – the storehouse of big domed structures and stables engineered by Moulay Ismail’s troopers next to a pool fed by underground channels that brought water all the way from the distant Middle Atlas Mountains. You’ll also visit the Moulay Ismail sepulcher as well as the Place el-Hedim to see the notable State-owned male horse stud farm of Haras where Arab-Berber horses used for the fantasia are bred.
You’ll return to Fes medina at around 6.30 in the afternoon.


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